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Top 3 Camping Coffee Makers Review. No more Early Morning problems On Your Camping Trip!


Camping is one of the small delights in the world that helps us escape reality and enjoy the calming and soothing effect of nature, but just like being at home, without a coffee maker, it can sometimes be daunting to wake up without feeling grumpy and get on with enjoying your day and all nature has to offer.
Whether you are faced with bad weather or simply just a rough morning, the best camping coffee makers could potentially help you lighten up and be ready for the day. However, choosing the right one can sometimes be a daunting prospect and this is where we come in. We have done some of the legwork to ensure that you can simply sit back and relax while choosing your next camping coffee maker.
Since the top camping coffee makers aren’t that easy to choose, we have included a thoroughly researched buyers guide that should enable you to narrow down the choices and find the right one that meets your needs. Our coffee brewer reviews have also bee thoroughly examined to ensure that we did not miss anything whilst testing the top coffee brewers.

Camping is the answer!

Why is a camping coffee maker so handy?
The camping coffee maker is something special. Not only is it supposed to be lightweight and portable, but using it is quite simple and does not take up too much of your time. These coffee makers are actually multifunctional or versatile as well and they can be used for simple trips and on the road when you are not in the mood for Starbucks.
The top features that make these camping coffee machines so unique:
Much like with any other coffee maker, the top camping coffee makers also have a few unique features that set them apart from some of the more commercialized brewers. Understanding these features are fundamentally important before looking at the coffee brewer reviews and making your decision on which one to pick. Here are the most important features you should keep in mind when reading the coffee machine reviews:
Size is something to always keep in mind when purchasing any coffee maker. However, when camping, this becomes a little more important. Since you will possibly be looking to reduce the amount of weight and open up space for more important pieces of equipment, the coffee maker should be small in size and lightweight. This enables you to store it easily and it will never become a nuisance in your bag.
Brewing Method:
There are a couple of different brewing methods that are important when selecting a decent camping coffee brewer. It will all come down to what your main focus is. If you are looking for flavor or if you are just looking to have the fastest possible cup of coffee ready to get you up and awake in the morning.
• French Press: This method is when hot water flows through the coffee grinds and you eventually push it down with a filter to separate the grinds. One of the main benefits of the French Press is the longer you leave it, the stronger the taste will be.
• Percolator: The percolator is one of the most common methods and it is when hot water is boiled underneath and seeps up into the final chamber where it meets the coffee. The benefit of this method is that more than one cup can be made at the same time.
• Aero Press: Aero Press is quite similar to the French press method, but instead of using water, it uses air to push the water through the coffee grinds and into your cup. This is one of the best methods for people who love strong cups of coffee.
• Drip: The drip seems quite similar to the percolator and it can be used done with a one cup filter. The hot water simply mixes with the grounds and then drips through a hole into your cup. Unfortunately, this method can be quite timely.
• Cowboy Coffee: This is the cheapest method of making coffee and it is derived from the old way the cowboys made coffee in the wild. It only involves a pot of hot water and coffee grounds that is mixed, but without a filter, it might not be the best tasting method.

Keep calm and camp on

When referring to the quantity, we mean the amount of coffee that your coffee machine is capable of making. The more the merrier they always say, but in terms of saving space and reducing the weight, this might not always be the best method. Depending on how many people you will be camping with, this is something that should also be taken into consideration. However, for backpackers, the smaller the coffee brewer, the better.
Finally, you should look for something with a filter if you are a massive coffee enthusiast. The filter will remove all of the residue found in coffee grinds that you might not like and even make the taste a little purer. If this is not something you fee will really bother you too much, you might consider leaving the filter out and saving a few bucks.
It is also worth noting, that using cheaper paper filters are much more economic outdoors and they can be bought in bulk. This means that you should always have one with you when using your coffee brewer outside of the house.
Now, Let’s Dive Into The Best Camping Coffee Maker Reviews Of 2017:
Now that you have a better understanding of the top coffee makers and their features for camping, you might also be wondering which ones we would fancy as the best currently available on the market. Like finding the features, we have done all the legwork here as well and after testing multiple different great portable coffee makers, we have selected the top 3 that should help you get the best possible value for your money:

Product #1: SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup

As an 8 cup coffee maker, the SterlingPro French Coffee Press machine is one of the most helpful for larger groups of campers and with its larger design, it is easier to make multiple cups of coffee simultaneously. Its ability to remove all the excess coffee grounds also ensures that the coffee always tastes fresh.
After having the opportunity to test out the coffee maker, we found it to be one of the most functional for multiple groups of people and we believe the efficiency and the taste of the coffee should be of an extraordinary level.
Here are a few interesting things that we came to like and a few that we disliked about the SterlingPro French Coffee Press coffee maker:

What we like:
• Large brewing capacity:
Thanks to the additional carafe that has been included in the coffee maker, this coffee machine has the ability to brew up to 8 cups of coffee simultaneously. Compared to many other smaller coffee makers, it is much more efficient for family trips and will get you up and going without wasting too much time.
• Design:
The chrome design not only looks good when you use it, but it is quite durable as well. This coffee maker can stand on its own when in use, allowing you to start searching for the biscuits. The stainless steel base also has great heat retention to ensure that your coffee stays warm after it has been brewed. In terms of durability, this coffee maker does stand out.
• Easy to clean:
One thing we always want in out portable coffee makers is the ability to easily take it apart and clean it. This coffee brewer certainly excels in that aspect and since it can be disassembled in a couple of minutes, it can be washed or rinsed down for the next batch of coffee to be brewed. The benefit of this is that you will always have a cup of coffee that tastes fresh.

French Press Coffee & Tea Makers 8 Cup

• Price:
The best part of this coffee maker is the price and while it might work like a functional and expensive coffee brewer you have on the road, it is priced really affordable. The coffee brewer does also come with two extra replacement screens to ensure that you are prepared for everything when enduring the wilderness.

What we didn’t like:
• Carafe:
Don’t get us wrong, the carafe is excellent if size is the only thing you are looking for, but unfortunately, it does not match up very well in terms of durability and this should be kept in mind. You will need to be gentle when transporting the carafe as the glass can easily be cracked or broken and this will ruin the entire coffee maker.

Final Verdict on the Sterlingpro French Coffee Press 8 Cup Coffee Maker
The SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 cup coffee maker certainly sets a new trend in terms of the quality of portable coffee makers. The ability to brew multiple cups of coffee at once is something we rarely see and even though the carafe might not be the most durable when handled with care, this coffee brewer should give you multiple years of use.
The price is really affordable and we would certainly recommend it to any camping enthusiast. It will work best with multiple friends and even the family, as this allows you to brew the full eight cups of coffee it will allow you to and have everyone sitting around the fire enjoying a cup.check price here

Product #2: KONA French Press Coffee Maker

The KONA French Press Coffee Maker uses the same French press method as the SterlingPro and it is also quite durable and stylish to look at. It comes with a glass carafe that enables you to brew up to 34-ounces of coffee, however, if you are looking for something smaller, it can also be found with a 15-ounce carafe.

Premium Product

In terms of size, this coffee maker is definitely worth looking at for your camping trips. It has the ability to produce coffee in large quantities and have everyone happy at the same time, while also saving you a ton of time brewing.
Testing it out was quite fun and here are a few of the things that we really loved about the coffee maker as well as a few we think could have been improved upon:

What we like:
• Stylish design:
One of the first things we see when looking at this coffee maker is the stylish design and its ability to catch your eye from the moment you glance at it. While it looks great with the glass carafe, the additional plastic covering also adds to the durability and should it fall, you need not worry about the carafe breaking. However, we would not recommend testing out this theory.
• Multi functional use:
It is always great when you do get what you paid for, but having more is the best. This coffee maker will not only enable you to make your favorite ground coffee and espressos, but it offers users the ability to make some tea as well. If you are tired of the cold at night, but would still like to avoid caffeine, this coffee maker should be ideal.
• Flavor:
French press coffee brewers have a tendency to rid out some of the flavors and this is where KONA has stepped up its game with this coffee brewer. The unique filtering process locks in all of the flavors and we found it to lose less taste when compared to some of the others as well. This is true for espressos and tea bags as well.
• Easy to clean:
One thing you will see with these manual coffee makers is there ability to be cleaned and this coffee maker can also be taken apart and cleaned virtually anywhere. Once you do get home, it is recommended that you thoroughly scrub it, but thanks to the design, it can simply be placed in the dishwasher as well.

KONA French Press Coffee Maker

What we didn’t like:
• Carafe:
While the rest of the coffee maker is perfectly durable, the carafe certainly lacks this once again. It is protective on the sides with additional plastic, but it is also worth mentioning that the glass is not shock resistant. The carafe might also take up a lot of unnecessary space in your bags when packing.

Final Verdict on the KONA French Press Coffee Maker
The KONA French Press Coffee Maker is one of the best camping coffee makers for larger groups of friends. The design is quite stylish as well and everyone will definitely have the urge to come check it out. However, the lack of durability in the carafe and the large size does make us wonder whether it is the best for light campers.
This coffee brewer will definitely be a great asset to those with larger families and those who do not mind carrying the extra size with them. The price is also really affordable and we would definitely recommend it to the avid camping family.check price here

Product #3: Cafe Du Chateau 34oz French Press Coffee Maker

The final product on our list is the Cafe Du Chateau 34oz French Press Coffee Maker and this coffee maker is also quite ideal for larger families and friends looking to save time when it comes to brewing a good cup of coffee. This coffee maker is certainly the best combination of stylish and durability on our list.
After testing it out, we found the durability to be one of the main features and thanks to the stainless steel case, the fragile carafe is definitely protected from any possible damage that might occur. It is quite large and this might be concerning for the super minimalists among us.
Here are a few of the main features we loved as well as the things that we personally feel could have been improved upon:

What we like:
• Design:
The design of this coffee maker is eye-popping and it definitely stands out as one of the best on the market today. The glass and stainless steel combination exudes class and excellence as well as being much more durable than many of the coffee makers without a protective cover over the carafe.
• Filtration system:
Removing all of the bad things from your coffee is fundamentally important to a great tasting cup of coffee. However, this 4-layer filtration system takes it up a notch and it keeps the water clean as well. This ensures that every user has a great tasting cup of coffee full of flavor to wake up to.
• Lifetime warranty:
The addition of a lifetime warranty is something we rarely see in coffee makers and this is because they tend to wear out and the parts will fall apart. Nevertheless, the Cafe Du Chateau 34oz French Press Coffee Maker has changed all this and with a lifetime warranty, you can have some peace of mind when using it.

Cafe Du Chateau 34oz French Press Coffee Maker

What we didn’t like:
• Plunger:
Unfortunately, the plunger is made from plastic and this does get worn down by constant heat over time. It is also much harder to clean once the coffee sticks to it after prolonged use. The plastic plunger is certainly the biggest drawback that could have been changed to ensure that you never have to use that warranty.

Final Verdict on the Cafe Du Chateau 34oz French Press Coffee Maker
In terms of price, one might be inclined to overlook the small flaw with the plunger and we would certainly also have done what when weighing up the good features vs. the bad. The stylish design is quite breathtaking and having a durable coffee maker that serves multiple people at the same time is quite rare.
We would definitely recommend this coffee brewer for the value it offers the user. It will be the ideal budget coffee brewer if you find yourself on these longer camping trips and thanks to the size and weight, we believe it might even be ideal for the avid backpackers among us.check price here

So which one would we buy?
Now that you have all the details as well as our opinions on these coffee makers, you might also be wondering which one we would buy if we had to. After a long deliberation between the SterlingPro and the KONA coffee maker, we have decided to rank in the order that we would recommend them. However, it is worth noting that we would buy any of them if we needed to:
1. KONA French Press Coffee Maker
2. SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup Coffee Brewer
3. Cafe Du Chateau 34oz French Press Coffee Maker

The inspector’s deduction


The KONA French Press Coffee Maker certainly stands out thanks to the versatility it offers. While it also lacks a little in terms of durability when it comes to the carafe, we could get past that thanks to the added protective layer of plastic. The SterlingPro French Coffee Press 8 Cup Coffee Brewer stands out for its ability to keep the coffee warm and brew a little faster, while the Cafe Du Chateau 34oz French Press Coffee Maker is the perfect budget option.

Will it be coffee, tea, or the cold on your next camping trip?
Now that you have the knowledge to select the right coffee brewer, you should not have any troubles on your camping trip. We would suggest all three of them to anyone looking to buy a great coffee brewer for their next camping vacation.
We would also like to thank you for reading our camping coffee machine reviews and we would like you to share your thoughts on these coffee makers and let us know in the comment section if you think we might have missed any of your favorites that you would consider the best camping coffee maker.



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