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Tired of filter coffee? Get a latte with the top 3 latte machine review current edition

Coffee is great, but from time to time, you might like to change things up a little. The best latte machines allow you to make this change and improve the taste of your coffee. These latte machines are perfect for the odd cappuccino as well and they add a different style to the way you know coffee brewers.
Looking at the top coffee brewer reviews is something that will be a little discouraging. We have selected the best latte machines and left you with 3 simple options to choose from. We have also chosen a few of the top features that you will need to consider when looking for your top latte machine. With these features, your life will be simplified and you will be assured of getting great value for your hard-earned money.

How the top latte machine can simplify your life:
If you prefer hot milk with your coffee, the latte machine is designed to heat up the milk with the coffee, Instead of putting the milk in the microwave; the frother on these machines will heat up the milk evenly. The microwave might not gradually heat up the milk and while you are battling to get that perfect temperature, your milk will also be cooling down. By having your milk and coffee ready simultaneously, your coffee will always be the perfect temperature.

better latte than never!

The latte machine will also simplify your life when making the odd latte. While this can be done manually, it seldom comes out perfect, but these machines are designed to ensure that perfect latte every time. With a latte coffee brewer, you will be able to wow your guests time after time and you need not even work harder to do this.

The features that make the best latte maker amazing
Latte makers are definitely not the same as any average coffee maker and this means that they have a few different features that you need to be aware of. Our judges also used these features in the judging process of the latte makers to ensure that we give you the top latte makers with the best features at the best prices. Here are the most important features you need to look for in your next latte maker:

The design is one of the first things we look at when purchasing anything. The design should be stylish and the right size for your kitchen. One thing that generally accompanies the design is the length of the plug. To ensure you are not limited when it comes to placement, you should look for a cable of decent length as well. This will allow you to place the coffee maker in any place you desire.

When it comes to a latte machine, the size will make somewhat of a difference. Depending on the size of the carafe, you will likely get more than one use from a single serving coffee machine. There are many latte makers for serving coffee and you will need to heat up the milk separately. If you want everything to be done with the touch of a button, we recommend looking for a carafe that will already have the milk ready and warm inside.

Heating element
The heating element will keep the coffee, or mixed latte ready for use throughout the day. Having a heating element eliminates any risks of the coffee becoming cold and losing some of its taste. You might also like to consider the addition of a cup warmer. This will heat up the cup to the perfect temperature, which also keeps the coffee and latte at the ideal temperature when it is poured from the carafe.

Having a grinder might be important to some, but not to all. The grinder will easily ground your coffee beans, but if you love drinking chocolate flavored lattes, a grinder might not be necessary. We would only recommend spending the extra money on a great coffee maker with grinder if you are constantly drinking expensive coffee beans. If this is only occasional, you might as well purchase a cheap grinder that can be stored away.

No one wants a ton of different buttons to learn when making a latte and the instruction manual will eventually get lost, the ease of use is really important and you will need to manage the latte machine without too many hassles. The setup of the button system is certainly something you might look into. The programmability also includes the time it takes to produce a single cup or to fill up the entire carafe.

See you latte

Since you will most probably be experimenting with different types of coffee when making your favorite lattes, you will need to disassemble the latte maker as well. Being able to clean your latte maker often will ensure that taste is always perfect and if it can be washed in the dishwasher, this is so much better and will also save you a ton of time as well.

Since technology may also have a few flaws, you might find yourself struggling with a few manufacturer errors. To combat this, you will need to ensure that you have a warranty. The addition of a warranty is great, and you will save a ton of money by simply having the faulty part replaced, instead of having to buy a brand new coffee maker.
When looking at any coffee brewer reviews, the warranty is generally one of the most important things that you need to look for. The warranty should also bolster confidence and ensure peace of mind if you are new to a specific brand.

Top latte machine reviews of 2017:
Now that you know which features are the most important, you might wonder which coffee makers we would recommend. For latte purposes, we have scoured many coffee machine reviews and came across the top 3 products that will be great for you to start out with. These top latte machines have all passed our criterion in terms of features and while they might not have all of the features, they will have a great combination of the most important features:

Product #1: Mr Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte

Mr. Coffee is one of the most affordable and most widely recognized coffee maker brands in the world today. Their coffee maker is known for the great quality and value they provide and will surely help you to get the best possible value for your money.
This coffee brewer with carafe will certainly make life easier for you and ensure that you can enjoy a hot steaming latte throughout the day. This saves you time and gives you more time to focus on getting ready for work or preparing dinner.
While this latte maker is quite great, here are the features we loved the most and a few that we believe could have been improved.

What we like:
• Carafe:
The carafe on this latte machine includes its very own element. The carafe must be plugged into the coffee maker when brewing but will keep everything warm throughout the day. The carafe is advanced and the milk frother is already included. This means that everything will be done inside and you could simply enjoy your pre-made latte when you are in the mood.

• Ease of use:
This coffee maker is extremely easy to use and since it includes a measuring cup in the carafe, you need not use something else for your milk. The frother is also built-in, which means that you can simply press a button with all of the ingredients already in and the process will start. The frother will first heat and froth the milk, before slowly pouring in the coffee for a perfect latte.

• Recipe book:
If you are new to lattes, or you simply like to experiment with new recipes, this latte machine includes a recipe book with 20 different latte recipes. The ingredients must be bought separately, but you will have the knowledge to make a different latte for your favorite guests with every visit. This also keeps you from getting bored with the same recipe.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte

• Quiet:
This coffee maker features an extremely powerful motor and will make your latte in less than 2 minutes. The great thing is that it is really quiet and this ensures you have a great experience when using. It also means that you can use it any time of the day or night and this will not wake up anyone in your home.

• Affordable:
When compared to some of the other coffee and latte makers, this one from Mr. Coffee is really affordable. The coffee maker still makes the same quality lattes, but the reduced price ensures that it is perfect for any household.

What we didn’t like:
• Difficult to clean
Since most of the brewing process will happen in the carafe and it contains electrical parts, the carafe cannot be submerged in water. This makes it extremely difficult to clean and you might need to wash it without a basin of water. The coffee filter cannot be taken apart, which also makes this hard to clean.

• Brews only 8-ounces of coffee:
While the carafe is capable of holding 24-ounces of latte, the filter can only process 8-ounces of coffee. This means that you will have reasonably strong coffee, but coffee lovers might not feel this is enough or strong enough. The 8-ounces of coffee can be ideal for those on a diet or looking to reduce caffeine intake.

Final Verdict on the Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte
The Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte is the ideal small and affordable latte machine to have in your kitchen. It is capable of brewing up to 24-ounces per brewing session and will keep your coffee warm for extended periods. The coffee maker does lack in terms of cleaning and while it is easy to use, you might have some troubles when it comes to cleaning it.
This coffee brewer is ideal for anyone who loves lattes and the addition of a recipe book will help you keep every latte fresh and tasting great. We would definitely recommend the Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte maker to anyone looking to spice up his or her coffee.check price here

Product #2: DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System

Simplicity is key when using a coffee maker or latte machine. The easier the machine is to use, the better the usability will be and you will also be much more reluctant to make coffee or lattes. The DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System is designed to put all the power in your hands and improve your ability to make lattes fast.

Premium Product

Simplicity is not the main part of this coffee maker and the capsule system might be a little expensive and take some getting used to. To help you see what features are the best, here are the most important features that we like and think they could have changed.

What we like:
• Design:
The box design of this espresso maker is quite large, but this is still extremely stylish. The box can fit virtually anywhere in your kitchen and should not disturb any of the décors. The large size might leave some wondering, but the square or box design is quite short and fits underneath any top cupboards.

• Easy to use:
After filling the machine, it is very easy to use and you will simply have to choose between any one of the four buttons. By pressing the button, the milk and coffee will start processing and you will be left with a nicely crafted latte or espresso. Since the design is so simple to use, the toughest part will be filling each part with the water and milk.

DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System

• Easy to clean:
Everything simply clips into place and this means that you should not have any troubles when it comes to cleaning the machine. All of the parts can be submerged in water and this also means that they can be washed in the dishwasher. Since capsules are used, you should have no dirt and coffee to clean.

• Warranty:
There is no getting around the expensive price of this coffee brewer, but with a decent 2-year warranty, you should have some peace of mind when using it. The customer support is also extremely friendly and should help you sort out your problem in no time at all.
What we didn’t like:

• Price:
This is one of the most expensive coffee brewers on the market today and you will certainly need to pay for these features. The warranty and multitude of great features will definitely make it worth it and you should not have any troubles getting value for your money.

• No water filter:
The water tank does not have any water filter and this means that you should add filtered water to get the best possible taste. For those without a water filter, the coffee might not taste as good, but even without the filter, we love the taste of this lattes.

Our Verdict on the DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System
The DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System is one of the expensive coffee makers on the market today. The capsule system also amps up the costs but reduces the dirt you have to deal with as well. We love the stylish design and the compact size, but without a water filtration system, you might need to purchase one separately for the best results.
We would certainly recommend the DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System as one of the top coffee makers for the latte and espresso lovers. If you are an avid lover of different coffees, this will certainly be a great option to consider.check price here

Product #3: Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System

The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System is certainly an eye catcher and will enhance the décor of any kitchen. The simplistic and open design does make it easy on the eye and the plastic parts seem to be well built and quite durable as well.
With so many features, it is quite hard to find somewhere to start and this means that you will need to break them down in order to see exactly what this coffee brewer is capable of doing. We have selected the top features that we think you will love as well as a few features that might not be the best in this coffee brewer review.

What we like:
• Design:
The design of this coffee brewer will definitely catch your eye and the eyes of your guests. It is built to impress and while it may feature a lot of plastic, it is still quite durable as well. The design also looks intriguing and will amp up the décor of virtually any kitchen.

• Many brewing styles:
His coffee maker will brew in virtually any style that you need. From cappuccinos to espresso and all your different types of lattes. This makes it easy to entertain your guests with the perfect cup of what they like and will ensure you can have any hot drink you like this coming winter season.

• Glass carafe:
The addition of a carafe means that you will be able to brew more than you need. You will have the opportunity of brewing once and just keeping your cup full for the rest of the day. The best part of this feature is the ability to brew multiple cups of hot drinks for your guests.
What we didn’t like:

• Extremely hot brewing temperatures:
The brewing temperatures are quite hot and this has led to many people claiming that it burns the coffee. The temperatures might be ideal for lattes and cappuccinos, but they are quite hot when looking at the perfect espresso.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System with Glass Carafe (CF091)

• Milk frother doesn’t heat dairy:
The milk frother seems to not heat the milk and this will leave you with a cold latte. You might need to steam or heat this by yourself, before using the frother for simply whisking the milk. This feature is quite a letdown and does damage the functionality quite a lot.

Our Verdict on the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System
The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System is a little over priced for what you receive. The poor brewing performance and the cold milk cannot be made up for by the multitude of features. If you love your coffee, this might not be the best coffee brewer for you, but if you are more into lattes and cappuccinos, it should be perfect.
We would certainly recommend the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System for the latte and cappuccino lovers and not for the main purpose of making coffee.check price here

And the winner is…
The best latte maker is not easy to choose and while the last one might not be the best, the other two certainly stand out from the crown. In all of our coffee machine reviews, we generally pass it on to the experts to let us know which one they think is the best. While the decision was not easy, we had to look past the price and this is the order in which we would rank them:
1. DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System
2. Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte
3. Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System

The inspector’s deduction

The DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System is the most expensive, but also the simplest to use and produces the best-tasting coffee. If you need to, it can easily be disassembled and cleaned as well. Mr. Coffee is one of the most widely recognized brands and the Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte maker certainly almost makes it to number one. We would recommend any of these 2, depending on your budget.

Impress your guests with the perfect latte
Stop serving regular coffee and looked at the best latte maker. These 3 certainly stand out from the rest and when looking at coffee maker reviews, you should definitely look at some of the top features we have discussed.
We would like to thank you for reading this article and if you come across great coffee maker reviews, we would like you to let us know in the comment section. Please also let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorite top latte makers.