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Rebrewing, sorry, reviewing the top 3 Wifi coffee makers!

Tired of waiting for your cup?!

Tired of having to wait 10 minutes for the morning brew? Wait no more with and read our top 3 programmable Wifi coffee makers for 2017!

Coffee. The life blood of society. Mother nature’s truest gift to mankind; her very own fuel. What gets us up in the morning, and keeps us going. We can all agree on these universal truths, and if there are dissidents among the loyal legion of readers, I suggest you quietly remove yourselves, buy a coffee, realize the depth of your misbeliefs, then rejoin the enlightened readership.

What is less agreeable is what truly comprises a good cup. Some (heathens) swear by instant coffee, others will not touch a coffee unless it is crafted by a trained barista, and still more have been swayed into new ‘hipster’ brews.

However, nothing beats good, old-fashioned drip brewed coffee.

I’m sure, like me, you are constantly trying to figure out how to get the best fix. We will be looking at three unique machines in this coffee makers review article: the economical Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew Coffeemaker, BVMC-PSTX91WE, the Behmor Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker and the top of the line Smarter Coffee Machine – Wifi Connected Compatible with iOS and Android.

Each offering to the gods of the bean has unique advantages for you. All of them provide you with a modern, Wifi capable coffee maker with varying levels of complexity.

Although coffee machines are not created equal, there is an underlying current not all coffee aficionados are aware of.

Every coffee machine will only be as good as the coffee you use with it, but not every coffee machine can fully utilize the coffee.

Coffee is a hug in a mug

If you’re already a connoisseur of the finest bean and grind, you can skip straight to the coffee makers review bit of this article. However, if you’re interested in getting a crash course in what makes a good bean, read on.

A Crash Course in Coffee Types

Long story short.

The legend of coffee has its roots in the early middle ages. The legend goes that a young goatherd name Kaldi (who lived in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa sometime in the 6th century) noticed a strange restlessness in his flock, and subsequently realized they had eaten berries from a strange plant.

Local monks, having heard of this phenomenon, discovered that if they roasted, ground and infused these berries in water, they could obtain coffee.

Word of the drink spread across the Arab world and was soon being drunk in coffee houses as far away as Medina and Mecca, with propagation of the coffee bean having become well established in Yemen by the 15th century.

To protect their export, Arabian leads banned the export of fertile beans, until a pilgrim smuggle some seeds out of the country to India during the 17th century.

A plant was also then stolen by Dutch traders in 1616 via the port of Mocha (surely not a coincidence?), and subsequently plantations were planted in the east indies colonies of Ceylon, Java, Timor and more.

From here it traveled to the Americas, being produced in Jamaica and Latin America.

As a result, (to paraphrase), there are three broad coffee strains which, either by themselves or blended, have three unique flavor profiles.

The Good Grind.

The universally agreed best way to maximize the flavors of your coffee is to grind the beans yourself (via a grinder), and, as we are discussing brewers, grind them for 11 seconds.

If you don’t own a grinder, don’t worry, there is an avid selection of affordable and premium pre-ground coffee purpose built for drip brew coffee makers.

If you are looking for the truly good stuff, avoid the local supermarket, and find a local who pre-grinds their own coffee, either from beans they source or beans they grow.

If you are after a little less effort without sacrificing too much taste, look out for the drip-brew pre-ground beans sourced from Fair trade suppliers. As well as being the ethical option for the conscious world citizen, these are typically to a higher standard than their counterparts.

Whatever you do, do not buy purpose built espresso grinds as they will be too fine and will end up in a weak coffee. The worst possible start to a day.

The best for you to get a taste (without you actually being able to taste, unfortunately) is for us to go through the perks of each machine individually, followed by their inevitable shortcomings, then run through how they compare to each other.

The First Contender

(Currently unavailable)

Before our panel of judges (that being me, of course) in front of a live page audience we have auditioning ‘Mr Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew Coffeemaker’! Cue the intro, where this upmarket gadget explains how he wants to stand apart in an ocean of competition.

Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup review
Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew

He is proud of his progress and considers himself at the forefront of cutting edge brewing technology. He is made for your pleasure, but most importantly, he is made for your convenience.

The Mr. Coffee brand is an established brand with a reputation for delivering affordable, state of the art coffee makers. Which are good for home or can your office coffee maker!

Aesthetically, this machine is sleek. Its dimensions are L:12.5″ x W: 10.8″, H:16.1″. Combining an industrial monotone pallet of stainless steel with timeless black, it easily slots into any existing kitchen theme.

Its premier feature is WeMo. It’s a Wifi/web organizer which allows you to remote access the machine. Need a cuppa for that early first meeting? You can adjust the machine to your weekly schedule and wake up to a freshly brewed cup.

The Bits You’ll Like

Beyond its sleek appeal and web enhanced platform, the Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew Coffeemaker has a slew of features that will get your mouth watering.

Optimal Brew

This trademarked technology ‘infuses artisan-style coffee brewing with convenience of an automatic coffeemaker.’ Basically, it all of its set functions are optimized to provide you with whatever it is you’re after. Coffee brewer reviews say it really knows it’s stuff. Need something strong? It follows the rulebook to give you a kick. Want something weaker? They’ll sooth your soul without thinning out the brew to little more than boiled water.


Off the back of this, this beauty also saturates her coffee grounds through a unique “blooming process”. This is true drip brew, and it maximizes the flavor profile (provided you have chosen beans with flavor to maximize.)


This machine brews 20% faster than standard offerings.


This machine can get your coffee up to 205- degrees, and have it stay there. Not only does it give you a richer, fuller tasting brew but it’s 10-cup carafe keeps it warm and available indefinitely.

As good as these features are, you’re probably still daydreaming about the whole ‘makes your coffee automatically’ feature. Wondering how it works?

You download the free Wemo app. It works with Apple and Android.

You schedule your coffees up to a week in advance.

You get reminders for when the machine needs to be cleaned and emptied so you never miss out on the morning cup.

If you need to, you can also monitor the machine (don’t stare at the phone waiting for the coffee to brew, same gig as watching the kettle…), adjusting your schedule or cancelling an order.

If you lose your phone, are technologically illiterate, or are too lazy to get your phone from your room, there is a manual brew button purpose built for you.

What We Don’t Like

Now you’ve seen us wax lyrical about its obvious benefits (no, I am not drinking a fresh cup from my Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew Coffeemaker as I write this, my freebie is yet to arrive in the mail) we need to address its flaws.


Some users have found that it made great coffee while it lasted. They have complained that that gasket can be prone to breaking after a year or two, which leads to the machine leaking.

Hot and Cold

There are conflicting reports as to how hot it actually keeps coffee. The general opinion is that it remains pleasantly hot, however there are dissenting opinions. The undercurrent of these seems to suggest the coffee machine is susceptible to cold weather.


The WeMo app really only works for Apple and Android, sorry all you third party operating system warriors. The app for all its perks is also in need of a few tweaks.


Unfortunately, there is no ability to alter the size of the coffee cup made. Also, the strength adjustments are not extremely variable.

Our Thoughts

All round, the ‘Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew Coffeemaker’ is a solid, affordable middle range coffee machine capable of offering a level of convenience and ease above your average coffee maker. Retailing at just under $90.00 USD, it deserves a decent coffee machine review score from us.check price here

The Second Contender

Next up is the Behmor Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker. This candidate is the tour de force of coffee makers, complete will all the modernizations coffee makers have to offer. We’ll go through some of those features in our coffee maker review now.

The Behmor Connected is a Wifi capable machine designed with a difference. It’s simple and convenient app allows for instant access and easy customization from the comfort of your phone. The result? Coffee brewed to its truest self – full of flavor.

 Behmor Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker review
Behmor Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker

The Behmor brand is a reputable with a passion for all things coffee. Not only are they committed to delivering you with the best quality possible, they have a humanitarian branch, Behmor Inspired, dedicated to sourcing beans through ethical means, so you can drink your cuppa knowing you’ve put a little more good in the world.

Visually, the Behmor Connected is a step up from Mr. Coffee. It has a unique circular form perfect for any kitchen. It is stainless with black detailing, and the thermal carafe sits in the center.

You’re probably wondering how the app compares? While it is similar to the Mr. Coffee WeMo (I’ll explain its differences further down), it has more customizable options and runs substantially smooth according to reviewers.

What You’ll Like about the Behmor Connected

Beyond its high end look, the Behmor Connected is full to the brim with features purpose built to bring you a better brew.


Behmor Connected comes with a one year warranty, so they clearly back their machine.

Thermal Carafe

This specific carafe is designed to keep the coffee HOT. It is doubled walled stainless model, so the brew will be hot without the need for a warming burner. Also, a plus? If the carafe does break, it is affordable to replace.

It also has a brew through lid, which keeps the heat in while it brews.

Stainless Steel Water Reservoir and Heater

Atop the Behmor Connected is a stainless steel reservoir. To maximize the flavor and simply filling, this allows the water to be heated from the top.

Flat bottom filter basket and gold filter

Instead of the traditional V shaped grounds basket, the Behmor Connected offers you an oversized basket with a flat bottom, complete with a gold tone permanent filter. This allows the water to act evenly, this helped to ensure it can make the right strength coffee right when you want it.


Right, the part you probably really want to know. How good is the App and does it actually work?

Running off Wifi gives it an immediate advantage over Bluetooth, as it allows a stronger, more stable connect over larger distances.

Behmor connect app
Behmor connect app

Unlike the WeMo, which was had limited functionality, The Behmor connect app has a sophisticated set of parameters, making it one of the most advanced machines covered in this coffee machine review article.

The Behmor connected has preloaded brewing profiles especially designed by the passionate baristas at Behmor. When you’re feeling adventurous you can try out your own, and save the ones you love ready to go again for next time.

You play with things such as:
Water temperature (from 190 to 210 Fahrenheit)
Length of Presoaking
Strength of Coffee
Drip timers, and more!

Like the WeMo, the Connected App also gives you the ability to the sync the machine to your schedule. You can set times daily, and alter them anywhere using the app. The long drag in the morning will fly by that much faster now.

It also has a number of options for simplifying your morning routine. Tired of grinding beans the night before? The heat and brew option allows you to preset the machine to preheat the water so it can start to actually brew from the moment you put the grinds in the basket.

What We Don’t Like

Although we are not short of praise for the ingenious Behmor Connected, it does have a few hiccups.

The Lid

wifi coffee maker review
The inspector’s recommendation

Although it has a custom designed lid, the custom design lid isn’t full proof. Unfortunately, it is prone to leaking.

Poor Customer Support

There isn’t exactly a robust support in place for those unable to use the app.

Carafe Size

A number of people have found the 8-cup carafe too small, and have subsequently decided to upgrade.

Our Thoughts

The Behmor Connected easily stands out among contenders in coffee machine reviews. Although it has a few floors, its robust appeal and customizable features will allow you to tweak your coffee to perfection, then do it all over again.check price here

Third, and Final

The Brewgenie Smart Coffee Maker Bg 120 is a top wifi coffee maker. Slender and stylish, it is hands down one of the best wifi coffee makers on the market for the tech guru amongst us.

Although designed to provide an agreeable coffee, the focus of the Brewgenie Coffee Machine is far more on its technological capacity.

Brewgenie Smart Coffee Maker

Admittedly, it looks great. A splendid black finish. It also comes with a brew safer option as it stop brewing if there is no water in the machine,it can also monitor the supply of the coffee and sends notifications when it’s time to pick up the fresh beans.

What You Will Like

The Brewgenie smart coffee Machine comes complete with a select brew of features, aimed at providing the best coffee it can. It is designed primarily for ease of use.


The App

As we’ve mentioned Brewgenie Coffee Machine prides itself most on is its app.

It isn’t as complete with adjustable variables as the Behmor Connected, but does still allow for customization to an extent. You are easily able to switch between coffee strengths, and choose how much you want it to make,

The scheduling is also, thankfully, simple. You can set up to four ‘rules’ which it can follow throughout the week. You can also amend anything on the go thanks to its Wifi capability.


It’s simple, easy build also means it’s easy to clean. All parts easily come off (but don’t break) easily and go back together just as smoothly. Wipe it down, clean the filters every so often, and this machine will stay clean and shining. For those who like low maintenance machines, this is definitely one of the best wifi coffee makers around.

What We Don’t Like

Despite it’s easy to connect app but still there are some complains about how when it’s disconnected it doesn’t reconnect automatically,there are also some durability issues due to the poor materials and finish.


Coffee Quality

The coffee isn’t bad. Unfortunately, when compared with the competition, it isn’t best. The saving grace in this regard is the price; there is nothing better than fresh beans. However, although the coffee will placate the occasional visitor and the Monday bore (let’s be honest though, we would drink coffee luke warm on a Monday if we had to), it will not impress the coffee aficionados amongst us.

Our Thoughts

The Brewgenie Coffee Machine tries its best, but for what it is, it is quite frankly overpriced. If you want to impress your friends with the latest gadget, or have an all in one machine to brew the occasional pot when you have visitors, then this is one to consider.check price here

However, if you want a truly decent cup of coffee, probably best to look further afield.

Our Order

Having compared the contenders in our coffee machine reviews we are now able to present you with our pick for the top wifi coffee makers on the market:

The Behmor Connected
Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew Coffeemaker
The Brewgenie smart Coffee Machine Bg120

The Behmor Connect is the by far the best value for money. It is a sophisticated machine which puts quality foremost on the agenda. It has a number of inbuilt functions designed to enhance your brewing experience.

Mr. Coffee Smart is a cost effective solution for your coffee needs. It comes in second mainly due to coffee quality, as, although it is still a good brew, there are difficulties with optimizing strength,

The Brewgenie smart Coffee Machine is third, and again, mainly due to it’s connectivity issues and durability. Unfortunately, the math on this one just doesn’t add.

The Brew Bus

These are just three of the myriad of Wifi-enabled coffee machines available today. If these don’t quite fit your budget or aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, keep trying! There are plenty of other options too, if you need an inspiration I would suggest looking at automatic espresso machines or my be latte coffee makers.

Always keep in mind though, the coffee will only ever be as good as the beans.

For more information on how to get the best product for your buck, check out other pages on our website!

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