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Pink coffee makers review: Spice up your kitchen with the top pink coffee makers

Coffee makers are some of the most advanced home ware appliances that you could have in your kitchen. These items are easy to use and they will give you great tasting and creamy coffee in a matter of minutes. They will also save you a lot of time when it comes to brewing in the mornings and there should not be any need for you to skip that early morning cup to get you ready and awake for the day.

In this pink coffee makers review, we have decided to look at a few advanced coffee makers that are designed in a pink color. These coffee makers might seem like they are not for everyone, but their effectiveness might help you to find somewhere in the kitchen where they will nicely fit and match the décor.


Pink makes everything pretty

If you are one of those early workers who does not enjoy waking up, these coffee makers will certainly simplify your life and allow you to feel refreshed and ready take on the day. These coffee makers will also help you to prepare coffee much faster for larger groups of people and this means that they might not only be perfect for the kitchen at home, but like office coffee makers they can also be used at work.

We have included a thoroughly researched buyer’s guide that should allow you to see which features are considered to be the most important when it comes to selecting a coffee maker. This buyer’s guide will not only look at the top pink coffee makers, but we have chosen the general features that include selecting and judging the top coffee makers of 2017.

Key features to consider when selecting a top pink coffee maker:

As we have already mentioned, coffee makers are very beneficial to the home and they make brewing coffee and getting your day off to an excellent start, that much easier. The features we have selected in this section was also used by our experts to help judge the coffee makers and find the best coffee makers so we can bring you this pink coffee brewer review article. Here are the most important features that you need to keep in mind when selecting a great coffee maker:

• Design:

Since we are talking about top pink coffee makers, we have included the design feature as well. The design should match that of your kitchen and the coffee maker should also fit inside the kitchen with ease. The design and color should be looked at in conjunction with the rest of the features, as there will be no need to buy a coffee maker that you do not like.

• Type:

There are a wide variety of coffee makers on the market today and choosing one will depend on the type of coffee that you like and the style of the coffee that you like. Choosing the right one will make life so much better for you and you will be able to enjoy a great cup every day:

 Percolator: These coffee makers are quite effective and ground coffee is used. As the water boils, the coffee is heated and mixed with the water. This forces it down a tube and it will start dripping into the jug.

 Bean-to-cup: The bean-to-cup coffee maker is designed to make life easier and simpler for you. This coffee maker will require you to simply add the coffee beans and they will be grinded before hot water is run through them to brew that perfect cup of coffee. Bean-to-cup is generally for those not willing to grind their own coffee.



Espresso maker: The espresso maker generally works with a pump features that will heat up the boiling water before allowing the coffee to get inside. The water will then be run through the ground coffee until it is perfect for you in your espresso.

 Capsule coffee machine: The capsule coffee machine makes use of a coffee pod and once it is activated, the machine will pierce the pod and combine it with hot water before dispensing the coffee in the jug. This coffee maker can be expensive as those pods might also be hard to find.

Filter coffee machine: The filter coffee machine is the old trusted favorite and it is generally used to heat up the coffee using a normal hot plate. These coffee machines will use any coffee that you like and they are also really effective when it comes to giving you great coffee on the go.

• The type of coffee:  It is important to ensure that coffee machine that you buy does allow you to make the coffee that you desire. Many capsule coffee makers and espresso machines are quite picky, but the old reliable filter coffee machine will give you great coffee on the go.These features are the main features that you should look at when purchasing a coffee maker. In this pink coffee maker review article, we have included as many of these features in the selection and review section. This should give you a better idea of the coffee maker and you should not have as many troubles when it comes to brewing that perfect cup of coffee to get you ready for the day.

Best Pink Coffee Machine Reviews

Moccamaster KBG pink Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe

Approximate measurements: 6.7 x 13.4 x 14.2 inches

Weight: 6.3 pounds

Moccamaster is designed from some of the highest quality parts available on the market today and their coffee makers are also very simplistic and easy to use. The coffee maker is also designed to fit into most kitchens and the stylish light pink color will easily fit the décor of the modern kitchen.

The coffee maker is designed to serve multiple people at once and the glass carafe of 40 ounces, should give you around 10 cups of coffee at once. This will save you a ton of time when it comes to serving your specialty coffee to all your guests.

The coffee maker is quite small and this should make it perfect for those with smaller kitchens. This size will also be ideal and the coffee maker can easily be packed away when you need to have the extra space.

Type of Brewer:

This filter coffee machine is designed to brew almost any type of coffee that you need. The coffee machine can take normal coffee beans and also ground coffee to keep you from having to search too far for those elusive and specific pods. The brewer is also capable of fully brewing a carafe full of coffee within 6 minutes.

What’s included?

The coffee maker includes a carafe of around 40 ounces and the dripping coffee dispenser will effortlessly fill up this carafe in no time. The coffee filter is also programmed to shut off after 100 minutes and the heated element will ensure that the coffee stays warm whilst inside the carafe. All of the parts can be removed except for the motor and this can then be washed to ensure that the coffee maker is clean and performing at its best.A 5-year warranty has also been included and this should give you ample time to test out the machine and find out if it is perfect for you. A service center is also located in the US and this will allow you to keep the coffee maker working at its best level.


• Includes a large carafe that makes serving coffee to multiple people that much easier.

pink coffee maker review
Moccamaster KBG 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe

• The 5-year warranty should keep you protected whilst you try out all your favorite coffees before finally settling on one.

• The stylish pink design can easily be used in most modern kitchens and the smaller size is ideal for the super minimalist.

• A state of the art design with pulse action will ensure that you are capable of choosing exactly how and also manually capable of operating the machine.

• The powerful 120V motor will give you great power when brewing those larger batches and this will allow you to have 10 cups in less than 6 minutes.

• The coffee maker has been certified by many accredited coffee and product experts and it is also BPA free.


In general, this coffee maker is designed from extremely durable materials and should also be the last coffee maker that you ever buy. The coffee maker is quite expensive, but in today’s world, you will need to pay if you want the best. The coffee maker is capable of brewing almost any type of coffee and this does make it extremely versatile.The pulse action should give those of you who are control freaks a better sense of control and you will be able to brew the coffee exactly the way you like it. This coffee maker will be highly recommended for those looking to have great coffee on the go. We would have liked if the coffee could have an external flask and a sing cup brewing option for those bachelors.


• Impressive and extremely durable design structure

• Great for serving coffee to multiple people at once

• Strong and powerful motor will enhance the brewing speed and give you great coffee in no time

• Automatically shuts down after 100 minutes, but will keep the coffee warm if needed.

• Includes a great warranty that will have you covered for 5-years

• Close service station in the US should allow you to make hassle-free coffee every time.


Pink coffee maker review
Premium Product

• Expensive price tag should probably push away many buyers, but after using it once, you should fall in love

• The pulse action can be used for one cup, but it is not as effective as having a program to do this while you focus on getting ready.

• No external mug or flask included, which could have made life so much easier when you are in a rush.

Final Verdict:

His is a really good coffee brewer and should definitely be an asset to anyone looking to get a fresh start to the day with minimal hassles. The minimalist housewife should have a dream with the smaller size and this will definitely be ideal for those serving multiple guests. This coffee maker is definitely a great buy,check price here


Mr Coffee Pour Brew Go Personal Coffee Maker with Insulated TOGO mug

Approximate measurements: 6.6 x 9.8 x 13.6 inches

Weight: 3.5 pounds

The Mr. Coffee Pour coffee maker with an insulated to-go cup is one of the most affordable pink coffee maker options that you could choose. This coffee maker is one of the faster and easiest to use if you find yourself on the go and in a hurry.

This coffee maker is not designed to serve multiple people at once, but it will definitely ensure that you are not late for work or miss that first cup of coffee in the morning. The coffee maker is designed from decent quality materials and it features a very portable and compact design that should make it perfect for almost any kitchen.

If you really love traveling, like other travel coffee machines this coffee maker can simply be added to your baggage and you might not even know that it is there. Those living on the go will find that the coffee maker can brew excellent ground coffee in a matter of minutes.

Type of Brewer:

This is also a standard filter coffee machine, but it is not as versatile in terms of the coffee that you can use. Unfortunately, no grinder has been included and this means that you will need to add ground coffee beans for the coffee machine to work effectively. The brewer is capable of dispensing coffee and in a matter of minutes and you need not even be present.

What’s included?

The coffee maker is extremely compact and versatile and this means that it can easily be moved or used to travel with. When purchasing this coffee maker, you will also get a free on-the-go mug that has been insulated and will keep the coffee warm for prolonged periods of time. The insulated mug is around 16 ounces and this should keep you for the morning ride to work.

The coffee maker also includes a very durable and decent permanent filter. This will eliminate the need for you to constantly spend money and replace the filter with those stubborn paper filters. After use, the filter can simply be removed and washed and it will be back to brewing those perfect cups of coffee.


• This coffee maker is designed from decent materials and the mug is one of the top items that you could look at. The mug is heat retentive and this means that your coffee will stay warmer for longer.

pink coffee maker review
Mr. Coffee Pour! Brew! Go! 16-Ounce Personal Coffee Maker with Insulated TO-GO mug

• No paper filters are needed for this coffee filter and the permanent filter will save you money and also ensure that you can always use the coffee maker

• The coffee maker is very compact and can be carried along with your travels.

• The mug and the filter can both be taken out and instantly cleaned. This will give you squeaky-clean mug and filter to brew your coffee with.

• The pink color is also really stylish and this means that you should easily fit it inside your modern kitchen. If you do not like the pink coffee makers, you can easily just replace it with a different color.

• No need to watch the coffee maker as it will automatically shut off after filling the mug.


This coffee maker has been tested to be BPA free and we really love the ease you will have when it comes to keeping it clean. This really does help it when competing with the best pink coffee makers. The coffee maker is really compact and this will make it ideal for those who love traveling and need to take their coffee with them.

One of the main downsides to this coffee maker is the fact that it quite tough to get the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee sometimes comes out a little too strong or too weak. Once you have figured out how many beans to add and how the trick works, you should be able to get that perfect cup of coffee every day.

This coffee maker is the ideal and cheap alternative for those bachelors or anyone living in a dorm room. We would highly recommend the coffee maker to students and we love the fact that you can have instant coffee on the go without having to go buy Starbucks.


• Compact and simple design

• Very easy to set up and get going

• Can be used without constant supervision

• Extremely affordable and ideal for those living in dorm rooms

• BPA free tested• Includes a durable and leak-proof mug to carry with you.


• The coffee maker tends to drip for a few minutes after you have taken out the mug.

• Coffee sometimes comes out a little too weak or too strong and you need to play with it for that perfect brew.

• No pulse action is included and you cannot really brew a smaller cup if needed

Final Verdict:

The Mr. Coffee Filter coffee maker does have its flaws and this means that it does not always work as you might like it to. The coffee maker is one of the most affordable single-serving coffee makers on the market today and it should be ideal for any student or bachelor. We would highly recommend this coffee maker to travelers, but of you love great coffee, you might need to look for a more expensive and more versatile coffee maker,check price here


Keurig K10 Mini Plus Brewing System

Approximate measurements: 13 x 12.5 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 8.9 pounds

Keurig is a great supplier of coffee makers and the Mini Plus K10 single serve coffee brewing system is another one of their top coffee makers. This coffee maker is designed to make your life easier as you wake up in the mornings and you look for that first cup of coffee that will get you up and out of bed.

This coffee maker is also really compact, but it is also quite heavy when you look at the overall design and you might not find it as the best travel companion on your trips. This coffee maker is also really efficient and you will find that using it is just as easy as simply pressing a button and continuing to get ready for work.

Type of Brewer:

If you are looking for a standard filter coffee machine that will brew anything, this coffeemaker will be right up your alley. The coffee maker is capable of brewing ground coffee, and it will also brew any kinds of these coffee pods that you can find around the world. The coffee maker is capable of giving you a perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee in under 2 minutes.

What’s included?

The Keurig K10 does not really include anything special and you will basically only receive a standard coffee maker to brew your coffee with. 6 K-cups with coffee has been included and these are all different, which means that you will be able to taste and experiment with new types of coffees before eventually settling and choosing the one you like.


pink coffee maker review
Keurig Mini Plus K10 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System

• The coffee maker includes 3 features that will let you brew up to 10 ounces of coffee. This will be ideal for those couples

• Coffee pods and ground coffee can also be used in the coffee maker, which will give you great versatility

• The stylish design should fit nicely in any kitchen and this will ensure that your modern kitchen stays modern.

• Coffee pods of different flavors are included to give you some new types of coffees to try and start with.

• No supervision is needed when the settings have been selected and coffee should come out at a rapid pace.

• You will also be able to brew tea and hot cocoa if you find yourself longing for a different taste.


The coffee maker will be a great buy for those looking to start out in the world and build up their kitchens. The compact design should let it fit in almost anywhere, but the weight discourages us from recommending it to the avid traveler. While the brewing speed is very good, we do think that the coffee maker lacks when it comes to giving you a decent mug to put the coffee in. You will need to keep your own cups for this.

The coffee maker can also be taken apart and washed. The paper filter should be changed whenever possible and this will ensure that you have a decent cup of coffee. We were disappointed by the fact that big mugs do not fit and you need to use your smaller ones.


• Includes various coffee pods for you to try out

• Easy to set up and get started• Available in multiple well-designed colors

• Can be taken apart and washed with ease

• Fits anywhere in the kitchen


• Bigger mugs won’t fit underneath

• No specific mug or flask is included

• The coffee maker is too heavy for traveling


Final Verdict:

In terms of size and pricing, this coffee maker perfect fits in between the top range and the lower quality coffee makers. We would like to recommend this coffee maker as a great budget option and you will also get some great value for your money. The compact design should work wonders for you and you should have no troubles with the customer support,check price here

When looking at the pick coffee maker reviews, you should always try and ensure that you get great value for your money.



pink coffee maker review
The inspector’s deduction

We would like to thank you for reading this coffee brewer review article and we certainly do hope that you managed to find the best pink coffee maker for your needs. This pink coffee makers review article has been thoroughly researched and if you like colored coffee machines please check out our top 3 white coffee maker review.

If you have anything to add to this article, please let us know in the comment section below and we will also be sure to check out your favorite coffee makers in our Coffee machine review articles of the future.